Sage Global found a way for two of our restaurants to save close to $400,000 over the next 15 years. And their customer service is stellar.
Eden Dozier

HOUSE OF AN Restaurants

The staff at Sage Global is always finding ways for us to save money, ways we never even thought were possible or knew about. The products they provide are out of this world!
Danielle Darling

BMW of Rochester

Sage Global has many prescriptive solutions that help us make the most of the money we have to spend every year in our general funds. Their customer service is stellar and proactive. We are thrilled to have them in our corner!
Horacio Perez

Principal, Vail High School

Over the last couple of years, Sage Global has saved us a significant amount of school site funds, allowing us to maximize our resources and maintain fiscal solvency. Their customer service is the best I’ve encountered as an administrator. They are a blessing!
Juan Herrera

Principal, Bell Gardens High School

“Sage Global has been a life saver; our high school was forced to spend way too much on original brand toner since the compatibles we used to save money weren’t cutting it. Sage came in, saw what we were spending, cut our toner budget by more than 50% and provided a phenomenal product! They’re always there to help us with both saving money and improving our technology. They’re the absolute best!”
Monica Orduno

Title 1 Coordinator, Sylmar High School