SAGE GLOBAL merges educational, humanitarian, earth-conscious interests together with extensive corporate sales, sourcing and management experience to create a new kind of Efficiency Company, one that creates unforeseen financial windfalls for all of our clients.


We focus on helping businesses and organizations grow and prosper through dramatically reducing overhead expenses in an unconventional, ethical, forward-thinking and highly effective manner.

We accomplish the above through:

1. ASSISTING YOU NOW AND ALWAYS: We provide a lifetime of unparalleled, intimate, proactive customer service.
2. INVESTIGATIVE LEGWORK: We discover the areas where we can dramatically reduce your overhead. Then we personally find you solutions through our relationships with inventors and manufacturers of all types of consumable products, ranging from office supplies to lighting, technology, media supplies and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
3. PROVIDING YOU AN EXCEPTIONAL ADVANTAGE: The technological scope of these discovered products is far above and beyond what is available through the public domain.
4. KEEPING BUSINESS HERE: Every opportunity we have to provide products Made in the USA, is eagerly sought after and utilized.